02/05/2021 Rock at Night, Video premiere , 'Dawn Drake Releases Her Timely Single and Video ‘Corona King’ About Relationships on Zoom'

What a nice groove to this song with rock, Latin, island vibes and reggae with a dance-able jazzy feel! February 12, 2021, the release date makes me think of good luck; these particular numbers could mean a rocket to the top with this release! Dawn Drake and ZapOte, her band knock it out of the park with this song beautifully put to video that tells the story of “Corona King,” a hot romance conducted on Zoom. But of course, it’s not real. Being in quarantine means there is little or no interaction in real time–relationships are an illusion and this one was doomed from the start! But there is still music and dancing, so the story ends in a happy way!

Dawn Drake
The song was produced by PMX Records and the video was directed by Olivier Kay and filmed in Brooklyn. The cool dancing was choreographed by Hansell Vaillant of Havana, Cuba. The dancers included: Dawn Drake, Eliane Amherd, Brittany Anjou, Rosa Avila, Jackie Coleman, Michele “Buffy” Drysdale, Lynn Ligammari and Mara Rosenbloom.

Dawn Drake & her band of over a decade, ZapOte are filmed by Okay Motion in a Brooklyn backdrop that features the signature Colamari Horns (Jackie Coleman and Lynn Ligammari of Durand Jones, Antibalas and Red Baraat), the sounds of the tres guitar played by Benjamin Lapidus, as well as Drake herself, playing bass, doing the lead vocals and percussion. The tight rhythm section featuring Rosa Avila (Summer on Broadway, Broadway Bounty Hunter) on drums and Mara Rosenbloom on keys makes everyone listening want to MOVE!

Was it a dream? Did it really happen on Zoom? So who is Corona King? No one really knows! He/She or someone like them could even be someone putting the moves on YOU on Zoom! What would you do if they ghosted you?